Updates on Portugal Golden Visa in 2023: Spotlight on Investment Funds

The Portugal Golden Visa program has been a sought-after route for investors aiming to secure residency in the European Union. In 2023, the program underwent significant modifications, with a heightened emphasis on investment funds as a practical pathway to secure the Golden Visa. This article will explore the details of these updates and offer a comprehensive guide for prospective investors.

The Golden Visa via Investment Funds

Investment funds have emerged as a crucial route to the Portugal Golden Visa. These funds draw investors and channel their capital into chosen assets, functioning within specific strategies that are supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

To be eligible for the Golden Visa through this avenue, applicants must invest a minimum of €500,000 in appropriate funds for a duration of five years. It’s noteworthy that approximately 10% of the funds in the market are mixed, while the remainder are evenly distributed across various sectors.

Investors should take into account factors such as the fund’s portfolio, experience, commissions, and exit strategy when selecting a fund. Different funds offer a range of risk and return combinations, with yields varying from 3% to 10%. Withdrawals are allowed after a span of six years.

Benefits of Fund Investments

Investing in funds is an appealing option for those who desire to diversify their income and risks without the need to purchase property. The costs associated with this investment route are generally lower than those of real estate acquisition, and there are no taxes on profits under the residence permit program in Portugal.

In 2023, the Portuguese parliament passed a bill to terminate the real estate and EUR 1.5 million bank transfer golden visa pathways. However, renewals of existing permits will still be feasible. Other golden visa options, such as job creation, cultural donations, and investments in research or funds, will persist.

Investors can enjoy benefits such as diversification, professional management, higher returns, and tax optimization. Moreover, investing in funds can offer safety and optimize taxes. However, due diligence is vital when choosing a fund. Currently, there are 15 funds that comply with the Golden Visa requirements.

2023 Changes in the Golden Visa Program

This modification indicates a shift in the Golden Visa program in Investment Funds, with a greater focus on investment funds as a route to obtaining the visa. The minimum investment for the Golden Visa is €280,000 for real estate, and investors can invest in multiple funds to meet the required €500,000.

In conclusion, the Portugal Golden Visa program continues to adapt, with investment funds becoming a more significant pathway for investors. As always, potential investors should conduct thorough due diligence and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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